The fourth and last blog of our Authentic-Happines AH@Work Miniseries!

The world of corporate Learning is looking for a new answer: more innovation, focus on learning transfer, traditional models need modernizing. What has changed in the 21st century? Big data & technology are reshaping by turning data into knowledge, information, intelligence and ultimately new transformative solutions

Still, in the end, learning remain “the people”: and a large majority of us do not rate our job as very meaningful nor do we find sufficient time to spend for our true passion. This blog introduces the AD3 Model, a simple but powerful framework to structure the transformation of “brute-force” learning into data-driven, integrated, agile solutions focused on generating immediate results for the Employees and the Enterprise

So where do we start? With people data and the 5 dimensions of Authentic Happiness:

1. Health & Fitness. Life is fun, make it last
2. Positive Emotions & Gratitude.Emotions are beautiful, embrace them everyday
3. Productivity & Flow: Your talent is a gift, make use of it, become an expert
4. Social & Discovery: Life is an adventure, go out & discover the world
5. Leadership & Meaning: This is your life, life your dream now

By turning these data into knowledge, and knowledge into intelligence, we open up new opportunities to design transformative solutions, as depicted in the following model:


The AD3 stands for Analytics, Diagnostics, Design, Deployment.

Do you want to find more about the details of each step and how the AD3 can be applied to develop powerful transformative solutions with immediate and sustainable impact?
Visit http://www.Authentic-Happiness.com and go to the resource section to open the latest ISPI presentation.



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