User feedback on the Authentic Happiness score and platform have been tremendous! This is a wonderful reward for the team and contributors to this endeavor:

► Useful tools, thanks! John

► Enjoying it so far. Did find a typo in the header of this slide…. mediation instead of meditation. Heather

► I am interested in this test and offering it to my team at the office. Ebru

► Hi Authentic Happiness, firstly, thank you for creating such a great site, and pooling some fantastic resources for professionals and the public. Josh

I have been an active user of Authentic-Happiness.com and find it very useful to make my life happier. You have done a wonderful work creating and running website on this very important topic. Laxmikant 

 Pretty awesome! Julio

► Hello Clara, just want to congratulate youre for youre excelent iniciative with the happiness project!! Santiago

 Thank you – I found this helpful and will recommend it to many of my clients.  Joan 

► I love your happiness quiz and I look forward to what you have to share on LinkedIN. Dina

A BIG THANK to all of you.
Enjoy your weekend,
Clara N.
Your Authentic Happiness score. Free, no registration required.

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